Mastermind Meetings for Women Leaders 2015

Mastermind meetings are for women working in many walks of life, and who wish to lead change in their communites, in politics or business. It is for women who wish to meet regularly, to enjoy a quiet, fun, trusting, open space in which to share. Let us live together into a new way of thinking, being, leading!

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18 April 2015, Zurich - main language German - FULLY BOOKED!

5 September 2015, Romainmôtier - main language English

14 November 2015, Zurich - main language German

28 November 2015, Romainmôtier - main language English

Time: 10:00 - 17:00 (one day event)

27-28 June 2015, Mastermind Intensive in German - Reinach AG and Hallwilersee (fixed costs CHF 100.-)

Bei diesem 2-tägigen Intensivseminar verbringen wir viel Zeit draussen im Wald, am See und im Garten. Wir erfahren die Kraft und Unterstützung der Gruppe. Gleichzeitig bleibt auch Zeit für individuelle Reflexionsmomente in der Natur.

Benefit from a high calibre ‘mastermind’ group of talented women like you, who: 

  • can be inspiring role models for each other
  • express a natural, feminine, dynamic Self at work
  • bring positive change to challenging settings
  • want to deal effectively with power and position
  • share experiences, intuitively and creatively, through their stories
  • proactively try new behaviors and try to do great things rather than just dream about them.

Why a ‘mastermind’ group?
We are organising the Mastermind meetings because so many women in our professional network long to meet a group of like-minded peers who can act as feminine role models to each other, be present to each other’s stories and guide each other across changes and challenges we meet as leaders in the workplace. Together we can share and find new ways to live into changes and develop resilience as women leaders.

The Mastermind meetings support you to:

  • Share: share positive energy and insight into personal leadership with a select group of internationally-oriented women leaders from all industries and walks of life.
  • Discover: tap into an authentic and caring network of talented women, recharge your batteries, discover fun, interactive ways to learn about leadership.
  • Co-create: express your shared vision of feminine leadership at work, learn how to flourish with all of who you are in a demanding leadership role. Are you walking your talk?

What will we be doing during the day?

Step 1: Share — We start with a big sharing circle and then meet in smaller groups. We enjoy a delicious lunch together as a break.

Step 2: Discover — we ‘buddy up’ and go to beautiful outdoor place nearby, where we facilitate you to discover what Nature can teach us about resilience, beauty, power, using the cycles of change in natural life to inform where you are at at the moment.

Step 3: Co-create — we come back for tea and snacks and close the exploration with the question, what does all this mean to me right now? How can we support each other to get there?

We close with clarity on what you desire to do next and celebrate our growing potential to change the world for the better when we put our minds together.


Welcome home:
The Mastermind meetings are very special, welcoming and warm hearted. We see it as a sacred space where you can let your hair down and have real conversations and get to know each other over time. The meetings are not a networking event, a presentation platform, or a place to talk shop or sell your company! The meetings are all about you, as a human being, as a woman, as a leader, about leadership, about learning to navigate identity, power, roles, desires, dreams, teams. There is no formal teaching and it is not a workshop. It is a truly open space for exploration and contribution.
Are you ready to take your leadership to next level?
Show the way and be a role model as a woman leader, for future generations and for the planet.

Financial Contribution

It is our intention to design the Mastermind meetings to found a spirit of caring and generosity! We are very inspired by the philosophy of Gift Culture and Gift Economy.

How does our Gift Culture work?

Our approach to Gift Culture is to experiment with encouraging choice and responsibility for participants in deciding how much to contribute financially to our Mastermind meetings. We assume that in joining the Mastermind group, you also wish to contribute to each others well-being.

As part of the  Gift Culture, we wish to make the Mastermind sessions accessible to all women leaders, regardless of financial resources. By doing so, we foster that special energy that exists when we share gifts in a community.
At the same time, as professional facilitators, we trust that together we will find a balance between our courage and joy in bringing to life our vision, as well as our need to be financially sustainable and safe.

Our hope is that you experience freedom in how you financially value the time invested by Jeannine and Madelon in facilitating the meetings, by choosing for yourself how much you would like to give in return for our facilitation and for hosting of the meetings at locations organised by us.

“What does it cost?”

In this model the facilitation by Jeannine and Madelon is the gift we offer to you, for which you can choose a value freely.  To give you an idea of what we do, our work is to develop the concept, prepare the meetings, run the logistics, do the promotion, maintaining the website around the masterminds, and of course to work with you during a full day indoors and outdoors to guide groups through each Mastermind.  We wish for you to decide in your heart how you might value and pay forward what you think this facilitation work is worth.

The fixed costs of the event that we are all paying in, are for snacks/tea/coffee, rental of the meeting space, administration costs including registration, tracking payments and communication with participants, and cleaning costs. This amounts to 75 CHF per person in fixed costs per session.

“Yes but really, how much shall I give?”

We ask that you be prepared to cover at least the fixed costs of the session, and then choose how you value the facilitation work in addition to these fixed costs, which can help to foster the growth of these Mastermind meetings in Switzerland.

We realise we are taking a leap of faith by moving towards a ‘gift culture’.
In future, to build a community of care and trust, we hope that if you are able and willing to contribute more than the above mentioned amounts, you would actively support other women leaders with less financial resources, who could participate in the ongoing development of the community.

The Gift of Good Food

We are going to keep costs for the meetings down by all bringing something delicious to eat. Please bring whatever you fancy for lunch, preparing a salad, soup, sandwiches or dessert (preferrably healthy and vegetarian if possible) for about 5 people. We will provide water, juices, a choice of teas, and coffee as beverages.