What takes us away from our natural way of being?

Doing "Systemic Naturework" we consider personal responsibility and how we might 'be in Nature' and 'learn from Nature' on an emotional, physical, energetic and behavioral level.
The exploration was around "what behaviours and patterns take us away from our otherwise natural way" -- sensing the inside (what am I doing with my own internal energy) rather than focus on lifestyle / external energy consumption or 'footprint' on the planet.

External energy consumption refers to water, cars, lights, flights, the need to plant trees and pour millions into NGOs who claim to "save the planet" or the torturing ourselves with an obligation to live a spartan life with no money so we end up not being able to make empowered choices to act, but instead just succeed in avoiding having any impact on the world in a positive way.

My experience is that too much focus on the external energy consumption without understanding our internal energy 'life' means we create a distraction, putting the problem outside of ourselves. If we do not look inside we cannot own our responsibility for our part in co-creating the violence in the world, our part in the destruction of Nature, but also we cannot see our immense power to be part of the healing of ourselves, of the planet, our part in the nurturing and enjoying abundant natural life. In my view, lack of self-care, lack self-love, takes us outside of ourselves and we get lost in destruction, desperation, separation anxiety, depression.

Consider: what is the impact on our planet of us being silent, watching others suffer rather than helping people reconnect with their natural state, a natural state of loving and self-care? We use or watch as others go on drugs and alcohol to numb the body and the spirit from pain that we actually can heal. We choose to live in emotional drama and conflict, seeing life as a war, a negative challenge that needs to be overcome rather than choosing to cherish the beautiful and abundant life that is all around us. We don't learn to ask anything from Nature, we don't learn to allow her to help us learn to live peacefully. We listen instead to the noise, the messages that teach us to separate ourselves from and mistrust Nature, rather understanding that Nature IS us, it's me, it's you, it is much stronger than we are as individuals because it is all connected and aware. We let ourselves get hooked, seduced into being disconnected and unaware.

Until we consider ourselves in all of the ways that we live, we don’t know what living in harmony with the planet looks like. We can learn from Nature to learn to love ourselves and others as we are, in all our diversity. We can relearn that we are not separate from each other or anything, simply by slowing down and listening from a place of love. There is nothing more, and nothing less that we need to "do" to save the planet. And it's never too early to begin.

Rather than feeling guilty and overwhelmed that you are not doing enough to support our environment, take your personal responsibility in your relationship with Nature first. Instead of feeling like you have to be an environmentalist on a mission to save anything, begin by just feeling again. Feeling a deep sense of appreciation for the beauty that is all around you, and feel how this beauty is also within you. Celebrate nature as a way to celebrate and cherish yourself, to put your love in service of the world."

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