New offer: Wild Nature in Southern Portugal

4-10 October 2015; arrive evening 3 Oct, fly out 11 Oct; from Lisbon/Faro

Take a walk on the wild side.

This journey is created for fun and for systemic nature work with a small group of adults. Youth from 16 years are welcome! We travel as a “tribe”, trekking gently in Nature, starting from a private homestead and moving into a nature reserve of lakes and rivers. Then we will move down the wild Atlantic ocean coast. The elements we will be working with are Earth, Fire, Rivers, and Ocean. 

Some important details.

Some important details about the 4-10 October 2015 trip to South Portugal. 


1. What's the aim of this Personal Journey?

To get away from it all, and reconnect with yourself, with your friends if they come along, and with the deep energy of some pretty wild places. On this trek, we start from the beautiful land of a small eco-community and literally walk away from it all, into the hills, to live by lake, river and forest for a time. We stay far from crowded towns, tourist spot and bars (except maybe on the way in and out of Lisbon) : )


2. How much walking will we do?

We walk 3-4 hours a day maximum. We will not walk every day. Plenty of time for breakfast, siestas, systemic nature work, group reflection, personal work, lunch stops...Everyone walks at their own pace. You'll still need to be fit enough to walk the distance. 


3. What will we experience along the way?

Besides the superb natural environment, and quiet time to reflect on life, we share stories, and do focused systemic nature work with you, for your learning and inspiration. Madelon, Matteo and Ramona will integrate elements of water, fire, wind, plants and rocks, rivers and the amazing ocean into the discovery work as we explore the local wilderness.


4. What gear do I need? 

We will send you an equipment list when you register. We travel very light: one backpack (max 12kg) and perhaps a personal light day-pack or 'bumpack' only. You will need to carry all your own gear and we share the weight of cooking equipment and food amongst the group. It's a time to be very gentle on yourself and light on your feet, and every extra ounce you carry can become pain. We recommend less than 10Kg per backpack. 


5. What are the weather conditions? 

It is warm by day and can be chilly at night, so be prepared for contrasting temperatures. Not much chance of rain : ) Big chance of getting a tan.


6. Where will I sleep? 

We camp out under the starts in our own bivouacs, using a simple tarp or some trees for shelter. One tarp will serve as a group lounge until bedtime, when you go to your own resting spot for the night.


7. What will we eat? 

Options are vegan, vegetarian or traditional Portuguese food.


8. What about the night life? 

Well, besides incredibly starry skies, no light pollution and a clear moon to lure you out, we tend to hang out by the campfire, the lake, or with each other on some breezy spot. We go for moonlit strolls and find any excuse to make some live music. Bring a portable instrument if you play. Or just bring yourself and sing, dance, and make vocal percussion. Or not : ) 


9. Why should I go to a wild place in South Portugal?

We can try to experience a wild place at home by reading a travel book and watching travel docs on TV. But nothing can beat real experience, and it is such a joy to watch fellow travellers discover their true nature and relax into the rhythm of outdoor life with us. So come wander with us over to the wild side!


10. How much does it cost? 

Fixed costs for the Journey are 400 Euros (450 CHF) per person. Includes all food and basic camping materials, as well as shared accommodation on the retreat. Excludes flights and other transport to the location or your personal equipment. It also does not include your Gift contribution to the Personal Journeys guides for our facilitation, organisation and personal coaching during the retreat. Read about how our Gift Culture works here.


11. Group size: Maximum 15 people.

If you know people who wish to join the retreat, please share! 

Your feedback is welcome. For further information and registration, contact us.