The Power of the Goddess

Learning from Nature for Women Leaders

Dates: 5-7 August 2013

Venue: Kiental, Berner Oberland, Switzerland

Guides: Dr. Madelon Evers and Jeannine Brutschin

The Kiental is an Alpine Valley in the mountains of the canton of Bern, Switzerland. Its wild waters invite us to reconnect with our feminine essence, to dive into a feisty, spirited way of being. We recharge our batteries by walking along the waters, (re)connecting with beautiful, mystical landscapes. As a small group of women (8 maximum), we spend 3 days and 2 nights outdoors, walking and camping simply with tarp and a sleeping bag, cooking together on an open fire, at home with Nature. You will enjoy guided, systemic group work in which we reflect on what we are experiencing outdoors. What do you sense around you, what can you learn from Nature for your own personal growth? In sharing circles, your guides hold the space and help you to make sense of it all.

Program Details Kiental
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Q&A Kiental

Here's a handy Q&A if your are considering our Kiental Personal Journey 5-7 August in Berner Oberland, Switzerland. We share these queries to help you decide if you wish to join:

Q: I'm used to creature comforts and 5* hotels on holiday. Being in the dark potentially surrounded by creepy crawly things strikes panic in me. What should I know in advance to make this challenge as pleasurable as possible? How much will I be tested to go beyond my comfort zone??

A: As your guides, Jeannine and I wish you to feel safe on your journey.
- We are not rushing around doing girl scout activities; this is not a 'survival course' to push ourselves over the limit. Rather, we use quiet and feminine energy and time to be together in the beauty of nature, enveloped in what we call Goddess energy (think Venus more than Athena : )
- The group stays connected. We don't just abandon you to your fate. At night, we sleep in the vicinity of each other, how far or near is your free choice.

Q: I have no experience being in nature or 'camping' outdoors. Won't it be cold and damp?

A: Tarp "camping" is often warmer and drier than a tent because you have an open fire to warm you and the choice of where you build your 'nest' can be very well adapted to the terrain to shelter you. Where and how you build your nest is all part of the exploration of the self that we do on the Journey. E.g. you can choose to be gentle and caring for yourself and take the time to create a beautiful comfortable space. You'll be surprised at the results. It's the same with how we cook, eat, walk, create constellations… It is this awareness that feeds us in the moment with paradoxes, inspiration and learning.

Q: What is the Nature Goddess about?
A: We experience it as a powerful, healing or nurturing energy we find whenever we go into a natural space, which is there for us to touch, see, hear, smell, taste. It is abundant, and we explore how you relate to the abundance that Nature offers (reflection: how do you nurture yourself)? As we meet the environment, we ask, What is ready to transform, what can be let go of? This is what we'll discover together in our sharing circles and other systemic nature work.

Q: What changes can I expect after this retreat?
A: If you choose a personal journey it is because you wish to find a way to express yourself more fully in your life,as a woman and as a leader (meaning you are willing to be a role model to others). We'll listen deeply and assist you to integrate discoveries from being in out in Nature, with what is going on inside. You'll be more mindful of the things you need to do to support your further leadership development.
Each day we’ll give you tools to work through personal questions and to reconnect with things that are important to you.

Hope this is helpful to you. Call us or email if you have any other questions!
Join us and enjoy.