Personal Journeys for Women Leaders

"Learning from Nature in Northern Thailand"

2016: Dates are still open

How do Personal Journeys work?

We support you on a personal journey, travelling into Nature to reconnect with your world inside. As we travel, we take time to reflect on our lives and listen to our true Self. Only by going on a journey into the “unknown”, can we experience the power of Nature and what it can bring us. From here we can journey home again, taking with us  the lessons of our experience, how to find our own path as leaders in the unknown, how to integrate one’s own power with that of the World.

We have planned a 12-day tour in the Northern Thai Mountain region. Starting in Chiang Mai, we leave the city and guide you into systemic nature work in stunning settings, including:

  • a Thai ecovillage where the community is building a sustainable future
  • conservation parkland with waterfalls, jungle, forest and mountains
  • a local women's project
  • selected buddhist sanctuaries and temples
  • traditional village with a unique herbal training centre.

Along the way, we will sleep in charming guesthouses, at the ecovillage and camp in the nature reserve. We use quiet, natural spaces to share stories and transform our dreams together with other women from all over the world.


The locations we visit are a few hours apart, so not much driving. There will be plenty of time for leisure and relaxation. After our 9 day trek, we return to a private guesthouse near Chiang Mai to rest and/or go out to immerse ourselves in the city's vibrant culture and river markets. After closing celebration of your Personal Journey we wish you well on your way.

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